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The Project

NEOPTERS® constitute the first fleet of drones in the world capable of carrying out aerial choreography with total independence and safety, day and night.

This technological revolution makes the sky a space where it is now possible to put scenery up and make it perform.

Developed from an original Puy du Fou® idea and thanks to the technical expertise of PIXIEL, NEOPTERS are the fruit of several years of research and studies. They now form the new generation of drones designed to enhance the staging of a show or an event all over the world.

A major technological innovation

NEOPTERS® have been subject to various international patent applications destined to protect this brand new technology. Thanks to its on-board intelligence and its flight plan, memorised beforehand, the Neopter is capable of carrying out a complete flight sequence totally independently. Different security levels integrated in the flight plan enable the fleet to perform in front of an audience without any danger.

These innovations enable the NEOPTERS to fly in total darkness, up to 60m high, carrying decorative lights of up to 2kg. Sturdy, reliable and designed for fast and simple deployment, these drones can withstand harsh weather conditions (wind, temperature, humidity) and can be implemented anywhere in the world.

The Teams

The Neopters on stage

Cinéscénie at the Puy du Fou®

The largest night-time show in the world

Night-time ballet of Neopters® in front of more than 350,000 spectators each year


Puy du Fou


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